Xfce 4.14pre3 released!

The final pre-release before Xfce 4.14 stable is out since two days ago so here goes a quick look at the most notable bugfixes. While this release was optional, we decided to give ourselves a little more time for bugfixes and translation updates to flow in, which results in sticking to the original plan of releasing 4.14 in mid-August.
That said, many components only received translation updates, which hopefully means there are no more bugs to fix in them 😉

Some highlights

We worked again towards the reducing of race conditions between xfsettingsd (which applies all kinds of X and Gtk related settings like font, theme, display layout)  and other Xfce components that rely on these settings (like xfwm4 or the xfce4-panel).

Various fixes related to compositing found their way into the release as well as improvements to looking for fallback window icons, especially helping with e.g. Electron-based applications.
Another fix in this release concerned the placement of new windows, which are now defaulting to the current display (i.e. the one with the mouse cursor).

A fix for mounting external drives was part of this release (sometimes they were erroneously mounted with root privileges) as well as a bug that caused Thunar to use 100% CPU when the parent directory wasn’t readable.
Finally some usability improvements were added (right-click drag and drop, additional zoom accelerators, keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs).

Various bugfixes, most of them affecting plugins (tasklist fixes for the new group indicator, directory-menu, clock). As with Xfwm4, we also improved the fallback lookup for window icons for the panel.
Considered disabling Gtk+2 support by default but then reverted because of problems with building docs. In general support for Gtk+2 plugins will remain as part of the final 4.14 release of the panel and will only be removed in the 4.16 cycle.

Support for xfce4-screensaver was added in this release. Furthermore the power manager now checks if the panel plugin is present and automatically hides the systray item in this case. This is especially interesting for distributions like Fedora that ship a vanilla Xfce and would end up with both the systray item (which is enabled by default in the power manager to always have a fallback for the user) and the panel plugin (which got added to the new default panel layout). Finally screen-dimming and the inactivity-action (e.g. suspend on inactivity) now get inhibited by video playback in players that support this (e.g. a YouTube video in Chromium). A patch for parole for this feature is already in review.

What’s next?

Well we’re currently ironing out the (hopefully) last quirks and bugs that we find – some of them may actually result in a bit of work for translators.

Furthermore we have finally branched off the 4.12 documentation on docs.xfce.org and started to update and extend it for 4.14. As an example, we have added a WIP page about the newly added color dialog of xfce4-settings.

Only two more weeks until the final release…

22 thoughts on “Xfce 4.14pre3 released!”

  1. When the final release comes out will the testing repo be updated for Beaver so we can fully test all the new components with Xubuntu?

  2. Thanks a lot. I’ll appreciate the work of the XFCE team.
    Can’t wait to see it in my favourite bistro 🙂

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  4. Hello,

    I would love to hear more about color(d) management in the next XFCE release.

    If one can add profiles, one wouldn’t need xiccd. Or I assume one just needs it running as a daemon in the background and XFCE will talk to it?

    I just would be nice to have a way that the right files created by displaycal find there way to xiccd by just using XFCE and not a shell script.

    Will the next release be able to do that?

    Thanks for your hard work!

  5. Kudos to the Xfce team. I love the DE. The only improvement I can think of is giving Thunar the excellent search feature that Caja/Nemo have.

  6. Hi,

    nice work! The primary display support looks quite nice in 10082019 Eoan daily. However, I am not able to see any display profiles. Adding seems to work, re-adding with the same names shows prompt that the profile already exists. The list is always empty though.

    This happens with xfce4-settings 4.13.8-0ubuntu1.


    1. Hi Isak,

      every display profile can only match *one* unique setup and the list of profiles filters on all profiles that match what is currently connected.
      If a profile of the same name already exists then that means that you created one with a different set of monitors connected. Would you re-connect those monitors, the profile would get auto-activated and it would show up in the list.

      It didn’t feel necessary so far to add a button to show all existing profiles (also the ones that don’t match) because no user should have to spend time on this kind of house keeping.

      My suggestion would be to try to use memorable / meaningful names for the profiles – hopefully then you’ll never have overlaps.


      1. Hi,

        thanks for the long answer!

        I pointed out the duplicate name prompt just so that we know that something sure gets added. But I cannot list a single profile despite having setup either one (the laptop built in monitor) or two displays (i.e. one separate VGA monitor is added). I does not seem to matter if profiles are created during one or two display setup; the list is always empty.

        I guess I’m doing something wrong. Also the “mirror” checkbox is greyed out, making it very difficult to run the monitors in any other mode than extended.

        Just for checking, I booted the daily live, left the external unplugged, ran Display setup and created a profile with only the built-in monitor connected. It should show up, right?


      2. Oh, I confused ‘clone’ with ‘mirror’ as described in https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11712. That’s why the ‘mirror’ is greyed out (it does it also on 4.12) as one monitor is 1440×900 and the other is 1600×900. Perhaps a bit confusing that the monitors default to ‘clone’ which is not even an option in XFCE dialog.

        But still, that does not explain why no profiles turn up in the list.


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