Greybird 3.22.0 released

Old, busted and puffy
Old, busted and puffy

Greybird has finally seen a first release supporting Gtk+3.22. To this end, I have decided to rebase on top of Adwaita 3.22.1, which also means I remain close to the original SCSS code. So far I can safely say that rebasing the whole Greybird theme on Adwaita has made my maintenance life a lot more fun again.

One slightly annoying issue in Gtk+3.22 seems to be the deprecation of the “font” shorthand, so instead of “font: Courier bold 22px;” you have to

New, shiny and normal
New, shiny and normal

write something like “font-family: Courier; font-weight: bold; font-size: 22px;”. This in itself would be okayish, but Gtk+ seems to treat this deprecation as an error and consequently xfce4-notifyd would no longer build on systems with Gtk+3.22.

I also fixed some minor issues, one of the more annoying ones was the tall tabs in e.g. xfce4-terminal, which now looks a lot more normal again.

Another nice fix that I borrowed from Numix is a workaround to make applications in Ubuntu that have their CSDs patched out look more normal. And apart from fixing an issue in the notification theme I also managed to sneak in a preparatory commit for the xfce4-panel in its Gtk+3 flavor, which is still in the works.



3 thoughts on “Greybird 3.22.0 released”

  1. Good, I’m using it and I dont notice anything new which is good and hope that the other old themes (bluebird and albatross) revived since look like gtk-3 will no more reseive breaking updates..

    wich lead to I read that gtk-3.89 start as a way to go to gtk-4.0 and now I’m worried that xfce will not catch gtk anymore (and therefor get droped from some distros) and the dev got frustrated and then xfce end (hey even we still missing the panel and thunar for gtk3 and they already started developing gtk4).

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